EWC and Chem -442 students hold tree plantation May05


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EWC and Chem -442 students hold tree plantation

The Earth Watch Club in collaboration with students of Chem-442 conducted a Tree Plantation activity on 28April 2014. This was the first activity of the FCC Earth Week celebrations. The Chief Guest was Dr Sufian Aslam, Vice Rector FCC. The tree was planted in front of Sinclair Hall. Many students were also present and showed their inclination towards the preservation of nature.  Other guests who were a part of this activity were Dr Seemal Jelani, Ms Umarah Mubeen (Advisor of EWC), Ms Silvia Machado and Dr Sohaib Aslam.

The Earth Watch Club has always shown its predilection towards activities which support noble causes like conserving the environment. Urbanization has increased deforestation practices for the developmental cause and it has decimated the ecological equilibrium in many regions.

Although the activity was done on a very small scale but the leadership of the Earth Watch Club believes that through such activities we can restore and preserve a better, greener ecological system.