Earth Watch Club Organizes the Green Idea Jan08


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Earth Watch Club Organizes the Green Idea

The earth watch club has always been committed to bringing innovation, inclusion and the spirit of green activism to FCCU campus. These very ideas were behind our flagship event of the year. ‘Green Idea’ which conceived in the spirit of entrepreneurship, student activism and innovation centered on the idea of environment and its rapid degradation. The event was held in E-block on 17th December, 2019.

The event was quite a hit among students and the room was packed with over a 100 student attendees, several participants, the council, faculty and respected judges. A beautiful media wall at the entrance also attracted many visitors. The Chairperson of E Dr.Derk Bakker, members of faculty from several departments and the sponsors were in attendance.

The competition started with students from numerous universities presenting their ideas which focused on green technologies and a new climate-inspired vision for our precarious future. More than 20 ideas were presented brilliantly by the young innovators. The judges awarded cash prizes to the winners and runner ups and distributed certificates among all the participants who came from far and wide to be part of the event. Musical performances also entertained the contestants during the event.

After the event, the refreshments were served under beautiful lights in E-square and the event came to a close. The Earth Watch Club is proud to have hosted an event of such significant magnitude which highlights our values, our vision and our service to the community. The success of the event is owed to collective efforts of the EWC council, the department of Environmental Sciences and student activities office.