Earth Watch Club organizes Recycling Scavenger Hunt Feb07


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Earth Watch Club organizes Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Earth Watch Club organized Recycling Scavenger Hunt on 30 January 2020. The aim of this event was to engage the freshmen students and continuing students in activities concerning the preservation of the environment. Tasks were assigned that dictated the participants to rake the campus and probe biodegradable and recyclable substances and subsequently contrive ingenious ways to reuse these materials by crafting something useful.

The activities were devised with a penchant for a desire to inculcate social conscience into the FCCU students. Divided into four sections, the activities encompassed the collection of discarded items, i.e., those that are biodegradable and easily-recyclable. Other collectable items included organic waste, stones, flowers, and soil. These adept participants were then directed to make use of their shrewdness and dexterity through improvisation of a project that reflects their craftsmanship. Following this activity, the participants delved into an art activity that involved employing markers and color pencils to make slogans and recycling symbols.