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Dr Arifa Syeda Zehra talks about Faiz Ahmad Faiz

The Urdu literary society Bazm-e-Fikr-o-Nazar organized a lecture by Dr Arifa Syeda Zehra on 28 February 2013.

The lecture was about a great poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz. The topic of the lecture was “Umeed-e-Sahar ki Baat Suno”. Dr Arifa is a renowned educationist and scholar. She is fortunate to have had an opportunity to interact with Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Currently she is also working with the Faiz Foundation and delivers lectures there. Despite this, she has translated different books, including the Bangladeshi novel, “Darya Bibi” and a Moroccan novel “Ababil”.

She has command on more than five languages. During the lecture, she covered the message of hope that is given by Faiz in his poetry. Dr Zehra kept the audience hooked throughout the lecture with her customary eloquence. The hall was jam-packed with students and faculty members of different departments. More than 150 people attended the lecture. The students and faculty members requested her to start a series of lectures. Dr Ghafoor Shah Qasim dedicated a poetic verse of Wazir Agha to her.