Dr Adam Webb talks about the Arab Spring and the Cosmopolitan Imagination Jan28


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Dr Adam Webb talks about the Arab Spring and the Cosmopolitan Imagination

The Department of English Language and Literature has recently launched a new forum of knowledge exchange, titled ‘Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series’ (KESS).

The KESS events and talks are a joint effort of the English Club and Ewing Literary Society of the English Department. The purpose of the seminar/talk series are:

  • Creating a forum for exchange of ideas, intellectual growth and interactive conversations
  • Encouraging participation of students, FCC faculty and inviting visiting scholars and foreign faculty to share their research and views
  • Interdepartmental interactions and dialogues
  • We will also invite emerging scholars to share their research/projects in progress
  • Encouraging academic papers, poetry readings, performances, discussions and interviews with academics/scholars

The inaugural event of the KESS was held on 31 January 2013 in the English Seminar room of the Ewing Library. The guest speaker was Dr Adam Webb, Resident Associate Professor of Political Science at the Johns  Hopkins Nanjing Center, China.

He spoke about the ‘The Arab Spring and the Cosmopolitan Imagination.’

Dr Webb received his PhD in Politics from Princeton in 2002. Dr Webb has been a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has taught at Harvard from 2004-2008. His publications include ‘A Path of Our Own: An Andean Village’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Economy of Values’ (2009) and ‘Beyond the Global Culture War’ (2006).