Speers Chemical Society

The Speers Chemical Society is named after a great scholar of Forman Christian College, Prof Carter Speers, who was Head of the Chemistry Department from 1939-1949. He planned and designed the structure of the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Departments in FC College. He was the pioneer of introducing chemical technology classes in the University of Punjab.

The objective of the Speers Chemical Society is to create awareness about the importance of chemistry in daily life and promote the knowledge of chemistry among students. It arranges lectures by renowned scientists, holds exhibitions and seminars, and conducts visits to different chemical industries. Its members participate in quiz competitions and inter-university competitions. Students are also involved in various research activities related to chemistry, under the guidance of the highly qualified Chemistry Department faculty.

Any student who is interested in science and has a little knowledge about chemistry can join.

Advisor: Dr Muhammad Tariq Qamar
President: M. Munib Khan
Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Speers.FCC/