DGS Organizes TechNat’19 May24


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DGS Organizes TechNat’19

Dean’s Geographical Society organized an event TechNat’19 on 22nd May, 2019. It was an open house where the selected companies or organizations such as Pakistan Meteorological Department, Punjab Forest Department, KBS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and The Urban Unit were invited for displaying their projects and job opportunities for the students of every department in their organization. Their stalls were set up at E-square.

The first stall was of Pakistan Meteorological Department which is functioning both as a scientific and a service department and playing significant role to integrate scientific advancements into social actions for sustainable socio-economic development of society. This department takes up around 50 to 60 internees every year from different universities. And they also provide free of cost services.

The next stall was of Punjab forest department which is responsible for developing, maintaining, conserving and maximizing forestry sector resources in the province of Punjab for sustainable development, biodiversity and environmental conservation and help improve the quality of life. On their stall they had displayed a simple drone as well as an artificial intelligence drone along with a few souvenirs like badges, pens and caps with slogans like ‘Plant trees and save environment’. They were offering students a chance for an internship in their organization in which they would take them to trips to monitor areas up North (Murree), down South (Chakwal) or a circular region.

Another stall was of KBS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd which is serving Audio Visual, Surveying and Office Equipment markets for over 6 Decades. They are sole authorized distributor for reputed multinational companies. They stand committed to providing their customers with quality products and services nationwide which ensure sustainable business growth in all strategic business units. They are a distributor of Optoma Technology as well which is the number one supplier of DLP® projectors in the Americas and delivers projectors and related accessories to consumers, businesses and educators, as well as professional installers. KBS had also displayed their products like touch LED, projector and a paper shredder.

The last but not the least was The Urban Unit which is committed to serve as benchmark of excellence in the development sector. They provide policy management services using in-depth analyses of spatial and non-spatial datasets employing state-of-the-art ICT tools for fostering socially cohesive, economically sustainable and vibrant communities. They had their published journals and newsletters displayed on their stalls.

Students from various departments visited the stalls and took active participation. They received portfolios of different companies and organizations from their representative desks in case they wished to apply for internships in them.

Finally, Mr. Kashif Shafique, Chairperson of Geography Department at FCCU visited the stalls along with the faculty of the department and expressed his gratitude to all the respective guests. After that, shields and certificates were distributed among the participating companies and organization. The open house was concluded with a group photo.