DGS conducts seminar on Water Management Oct16


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DGS conducts seminar on Water Management

Keeping in mind the ongoing water shortage in Pakistan, Dean Geographical Society in collaboration with Department of Geography conducted a seminar on Water Management on 15 October 2018. Honorable speaker, High court Advocate Syed Kamal Ali Haider highlighted the issue of water shortage in Pakistan and reminded the students about their responsibilities as proactive citizens in conserving water. He mentioned about the ongoing petition of the ground water case that has recently reached the Supreme Court due to his efforts. Furthermore the advocate informed the students that prior to this everyone has been in a state of slumber. Even though there is limited water in the aquifier, there had been no municipal law on water regulation until recently when some relief has been given by Lahore Highcourt, Mr Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi. Thankfully now, PEMRA has also been ordered to initiate awareness campaigns. He requested every student to start conserving water at individual level from their homes because 53% consumption of ground water is for domestic purposes. He also added that Lahore is at the verge of becoming completely water deficient because its only source of water recharge is River Ravi and its flow has been blocked by India since a long time. The session was further addressed by TV anchor Zohaib Saleem Butt, who is running the show Bnam Takhte Lahore on Lahore News. He laid emphasis on how he was devastated to see the condition of Karachi where the citizens were forced to buy water from tankers. He also mentioned how tragic it was that more than half the population of Pakistan is deprived of clean drinking water while the rest are using clean underground water to clean the streets. He then played a clip from his TV show that depicted the dreadful situation of water shortage in Pakistan In the end Dr Raza on behalf of chairperson congratulated the advocate and TV anchor on their efforts to create awareness among the society about this extremely important ongoing issue. He presented a shield to them as a token of appreciation.