DGS conducts First Aid and Disaster Management Training Oct15


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DGS conducts First Aid and Disaster Management Training

First Aid and Disaster Management Training was conducted by Dean Geographical society in collaboration with Safer Masses Training and Consultancy. Three notable speakers enlightened the trainees with essential knowledge over the course of two days. Mr Hanzala Saeed explained about different types of emergency situations and how we can provide the right kind of first aid on the spot. Mr Zeeshan, who is a first aid respondent demonstrated a few strategies for the trainees. Finally Mr Waqar Zaka successfully created awareness with reference to management of different types of disasters.

DAY1 – 11 October 2018
The first day was designated to discussions related to Safety and First Aid. It was started by an ice breaker activity in which the trainees were asked to introduce their respective partner with some interesting qualities of each other. Next, Mr Hanzala Saeed enlightened the trainees with essential knowledge about what actually first aid is and what makes a good first aider. The trainees not only learnt the qualities that make a first aider but also witnessed demonstrations regarding the different positions in which casualties can be dealt. Furthermore, he revised the emergency numbers for trainees and encouraged them to contact them and taught how to do so in a calm and proficient manner. In the end of the first session the trainer laid out a few principles of first aid under the name DRABC and demonstrated a few techniques that can be used to provide first aid in different situations

DAY2 – 12 October 2018
Day 2 was designated to disaster management. The second session started off with the wonderful demonstration by Mr Zeeshan on how to tie bandages for different injuries occurring on the head, neck, the arm and the hand. He also explained the different types of bandages that can be used for different kinds of injuries. Trainees were encouraged to perform this drill in groups which further enhanced their understanding. Next up, Mr Waqar Zaka took over to explain how we can deal with daily life disasters such as fire outbreak or earthquake. He started with an icebreaker activity in which 5 volunteers were asked to stand on one chart paper and fold it in half after every turn. He further went on to describe differences between hazard, accidents, incidents and disasters. He laid the foundation of safety assessment and then carried out an activity with the trainees. All the trainees were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a chart showing the hazards, capacity and gaps of the room they were sitting in. The session concluded with a short video displaying what needs to be done in cases of disaster situation.

The two day training session concluded with an interactive question answer session between the trainees and the team of Safer Masses training and consultancy.