Debating Society participates in GIKI’s International Parliamentary Debates Nov05


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Debating Society participates in GIKI’s International Parliamentary Debates


GIKI hosted its 11th annual International Parliamentary Debates from 5th October to 7 October, 2012.  Teams of various institutions from all over Pakistan  participated in the 3 day event.

Representing Forman Christian College, nine students were chosen and divided into teams of 3, where two teams made speeches in English while one was chosen for the Urdu category. The team members in the Urdu team were Hafeez Ur Rehman Hadi, Jehanzed Awan, and Osamah Khalid. The English Team-A participants were Naima Farooq and Sidra Bashir. In Team-B, we had Muhammad Omar Imran and Momin Niazi.

After all the teams arrived in GIKI on day 1 and the opening ceremony went underway, the competition truly began. Universities like AKU, LUMS, FAST, LSE, UCL, UET, and KE were amongst a few that participated in the competition this year. Participants had to compete in 4 debating sessions after which came the semi-final rounds and then the finals.

For Urdu, we had Uzair Khan as the adjudicator of the team who remained an asset to them when they competed against a few of the toughest teams in the whole competition. Though the Urdu team did not reach the finals, they still performed brilliantly throughout the competition, showing the other schools that the debating society of FCC is not to be taken for granted.

The adjudicators from the English teams, Aesun Ali and Mehreen Kasana played a major part in the team’s accomplishments throughout the event. Through their guidance and the participants sheer teamwork, both A and B teams enjoyed victories. While team A missed out on the semi-finals by a mark, team B became one of the lucky few to compete in the semis. Here the team, led by Muhammad Omar and Momin Niazi beat out LUMS for the semi-final positions where they came in 3rd and LUMS came last. The team could not qualify for the finals yet coming this far in the competition showed the other teams, that FCC are strong competitors as well.

Both teams from Urdu and English, though did not bring home the winning trophy did achieve a lot in their short stay at GIKI. English Team B’s victory in the semi-finals solidified their ranking, earning Forman Christian College the 6th title out of the 32 schools that participated. This achievement was no small feat since even coming in the top 10 signifies how far our college has come and how dedicated and focused our students were in this grueling competition.