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Cultural Festival 2013: History Re-written

By far the most awaited and the most celebrated event of the year. Anticipated by students, faculty and administration alike. The 2nd annual Cultural Festival delivered to the expectations and turned out to be a spectacle of diversity, harmony and celebration.

The mega event was organized by 5 different student societies; The Art Junction, The Rotaract Club of Forman Christian College, The International Affairs Society, The Forman Sociological Association and The Leadership Forum. The Alumni along with their families were invited as guests.  The five societies, with unending cooperation from the university administration, were able to put up a memorable show which celebrated the diversity of cultures at FCC. The celebration which started in the late afternoon continued till night, providing the students with entertainment and an opportunity to display and admire the cultural heritage of FCC.

Students energetically took part in the festival, may it be in the form of dressing up in their favorite cultural attire or setting up a stall of their own culture. The festival began when the students and alumni were invited to partake at the different local, provincial, regional and international stalls. The cultures represented at the stalls consisted from regional culture stalls such as Kailash, Saraiki, Chitral, and Punjabi to international stalls such as France, Germany, Brazil and the USA.  Along with these, special novelty and food stalls were set up to further enrich the occasion.

As the sun was about to set, an energetic dance performance by a group of students in the form of a “Flash Mob” captivated the audience and received great applause from the audience. The “Flash Mob” became a highlight of the festival. Some very energetic cultural dance performances on folk music followed. These cultural dances made the audience want to dance to these traditional beats. These cultural dances included the “Punjabi Luddi”, the “Pashtuun Aatank” and the different folk dances from Baluchistan, Gilgit and Chitral.

After some charismatic dance performances, the audience was enthralled by a musical evening in which the students of our very own institution highlighted their musical talents. Some great Forman voices graced the stage and mesmerized the crowd with their strong musical fortitude. On the occasion of such an event, the musical performers tried to fuse Eastern music with Western music, by using local Sufi music dominantly in their performances and as a result, continuously received great appreciation from the audience.

The event was concluded by the much anticipated Cultural Fashion Show. A show in which students transformed themselves into models and took to the ramp, displaying beautiful and compelling cultural attire representing the diverse cultural heritage existent at Forman. Be it the “Sindhi Ajrak” or the “Chitrali Peacock Cap”, the “Punjabi Lacha Kurta” or the “Western Suit and Tie”, the “Indian Sari” or the “Pashtuun Pagri”, the “Saraiki Kheri” or the “Baloch Shalwaar Kameez”.  Boys and Girls alike wore the cultural dresses with pride and modeled to different cultural tunes. Cultures from even remote areas like Waziristan and Kailash were given their due representation. Some special categories as the “Italian Mafia” and the “Victorian English” also received great admiration. At the end, the bridal category, both eastern and western stole the show with display of beautiful bridal gowns and suits.

The smooth running of the event was the result of the efforts of an active and responsible security team consisting of student volunteers who ensured discipline and a healthy environment for the festivities to continue without any interruptions.

At the end, the cultural festival proved to be the celebration of the year. Students, volunteers, alumni, faculty and administration all took part in the festivities and went home with smiles on their faces. A special note of gratitude to all the volunteers and the audience, because you all made it the biggest celebration ever at FCC.


Photography Credits: Forman Photography Society