Call for papers for Miller’s Dream Feb13


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Call for papers for Miller’s Dream

The Philosophy Society is now accepting papers for its journal, Miller’s Dream. All topics are welcome, from political theory to postmodernism (as long as it has something to do with Philosophy, of course). The general guideline are as follows:

The author will prepare his or her paper for blind-review (anonymous review) by removing any and all occurrences of his or her name, or any other identifying factors, from the paper. · Only one manuscript will be submitted per author.

The author will adhere to the deadlines given by the Editor for the submission of the manuscript and any subsequent revisions the reviewers may have for the author in question.

The author will adhere to strict guidelines of citing any and all sources used to write his/her papers and a strict non-plagiarism policy will be enforced. If any plagiarism is found by the reviewers, the paper will immediately be rejected.

The deadline for the submission of papers is 17 February 2014
Please send in your papers at