BPS & SCS Organizes Lecture on Energy Storage Devices Oct29


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BPS & SCS Organizes Lecture on Energy Storage Devices

The clean energy transition requires a co-evolution of innovation, investment, and deployment strategies for emerging energy storage technologies. A deeply decarbonized energy system research platform needs materials science advances in battery technology to overcome the intermittency challenges of wind and solar electricity. As the innovation in energy storage devices grapples with all these challenges, the chemistry of batteries and super capacitors becomes immensely important for future scientific leaps.

Benade Physics Society has always organized events that have the potential to educate our students about real world problems and which are impactful for our future. This real-world perspective is very important we believe. For this very purpose, BPS in collaboration with SCS, invited an eminent speaker, Dr. Muhammad Zahir Iqbal, to give a brief lecture on the subject.

S009 was brimming with excitement and scientific curiosity, as many students and members of the faculty attended the talk and asked questions. The chairman of the department was in attendance as well. As the event winded down successfully, the distinguished speaker was given souvenirs and thanked for his illuminating insights into a significant topic.