BPS holds a talk on The Enigmatic Subject of Functional Nanomaterial Oct15


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BPS holds a talk on The Enigmatic Subject of Functional Nanomaterial

On 2nd October, Dr. Khuram Joya took center stage to impart his boundless knowledge on the Enigmatic Subject of Functional Nanomaterial. The concept has its roots in a myriad of subjects and the applications are widely applicable to diverse problems. However, students tend to misunderstand and misinterpret the intricacies of this brilliant topic due to complex ideas. Benade Physics Society entrusted Dr. Khurram with making this topic an easily accessible and discernible concept for students. The capacity audience and faculty (including distinguished members from other departments as well) were treated to an excellent display of eloquence while the topic was dissected and described quite brilliantly. A session of thought-provoking questions was followed by refreshments for the guests as well.

The department of Physics and the Benade Physics Society are committed to a passionate pursuit of a complete academic experience for their students and to expose them to people who has made a career out of Physics while also shedding light on the subject matter of physics which is making waves in the scientific world and opening new avenues of collaboration with other physical and natural sciences.

As the Nobel week rolls around, this event appeared right in the thick of the scientific debate and the room brimming with students and faculty from various fields of study was the surest reflection of the event held in collaboration with SCS. The incredible success of the event rests on the shoulder of the council members and our advisor and strengthens our belief and resolve for future events.

The many objectives of the event were successfully achieved and BPS kicked off the new year in quite some style and vows to carry on with this tradition for the rest of the year.