Biological Sciences Poster/Model Exhibition Jan30


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Biological Sciences Poster/Model Exhibition

Under the leadership of Dr Aisha Saleem Khan, the Department of Biological Sciences organized a Poster/Model Exhibition on Friday 27 January 2012. Students taking courses of Bioenergetics and Metabolism and Economic Botany prepared posters and models on various topics including perfume making, cotton industry, chocolate production, terpenoid biosynthesis, alkaloids, Jatropha oil power plant, poisonous plants, commercial seeds, heavy metals effects, Calvin Cycle, Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Electron Transport Chain and Shikimate Pathway.

Faculty members from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry visited the exhibition and encouraged the participants. Dr Mian Wajahat Hussain (Chairman, Department of Biological Sciences FCC), Zia-ul-Islam (Head, Department of Biology FCC) and other faculty members including Dr George Johnson, Dr Kunwar Shoaib, Dr Leslye Johnson, Shah Nawaz Cheema, Dr Natasha Anwar, Dr Khalid Rasib, Dr Ikram Aujla, Dr M Irfan, Dr Asma Maqbool, Dr Saba Butt, Ummara Mubeen and Tehmina Saleem Khan visited and appreciated the work of the students. Students actively participated and briefed upon their models to the audience. The activity was a break from the tedious learning process giving students a chance to develop a new approach towards learning by using their imagination and creativity.