BIO-RAD-A New Trend in Technology Sep26


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BIO-RAD-A New Trend in Technology

On 25 September 2013 a seminar was arranged by the Forman Biological Society (Senior). The BIO-RAD team came and spoke about new trends in Biotechnology and Chemistry. The program began with brief introduction of CEO of Chemical House Shoaib Rana. Chemical House makes instruments for biological use and has been a partner with Bio-Rad.

The seminar was presided over by Dr Ali who gave brief introduction about the apparatus they were working with. Different equipment was displayed by Bio-Rad and descriptions given about the latest PCR, chromatography, Bio-Plex Pro and Electrophoresis techniques.

Different usage and benefits of technology were explained. A large group of students from Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Chemistry departments attended the event. It was an informative seminar about the use of apparatus in the laboratory.