Bio-Eureka – Biology is Fun! Mar15


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Bio-Eureka – Biology is Fun!

The Senior Biological Society team struck gold again by arranging an innovative event with a unique combination of fun and learning on Friday 14 May in S-008. The creative team of the SBS that had successfully organized the “Bio-Artist” competition a few weeks ago, designed a creative game event called “Bio-Eureka”. The event consisted of games like Dumb Charades, Bio Puzzle, Scavenger Hunt and Skip Rope-Rapid Fire etc. Participants registered as teams comprising 3-5 members — in all there were 32 teams. The atmosphere was quite electric as teams participated with vigor to make it as successful as the previous event. Lasting for six hours, the teams played various games and were awarded points on a cumulative basis. The team winning first position was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1,000 while the 2nd and 3rd placed teams won Rs. 500 each.


The element of presenting biology as a fun subject was successfully injected into the participating teams. Apart from the featured games, social activities and energizers were also organized to allow the participants to explore themselves in a different manner. The response to the event was quite overwhelming as both science and non-science students competed with determination to win the first ever Bio-Eureka Game Competition. At the end of the activities, while participants waited for the results to be announced, they were entertained with live performances including skits on scientific themes and songs.

The Dean of Natural Sciences Dr M. Rehan Siddiqi, the Chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences Dr M. Wajahat Hussain, HEC Distinguished National Professor of Biotechnology Dr Kauser Abdulla Malik, renowned biotechnologist from the National Agricultural Research Centre Dr Yusuf Zafar, and other faculty members of the department of Biological Sciences watched different activities of the students on this occasion. All of them highly appreciated the creativity and hard work of the SBS to introduce the fun-filledlearning activities.