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Bazm-e-Fikr-o-Nazar holds lecture by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Bazm-e-Fikr o Nazar had the pleasure of hosting the legend himself Mustansar Hussain Tarar as the guest speaker in front of a packed audience in S- 009 on Tuesday 12 March 2013.

After formal proceedings of welcoming the guest and recitation from the  Holy Quran and Bible, Dr Ghafoor Shah Qasim introduced Mustansar Hussain Tarar, throwing light on the dynamic life that  Mr Tarar has lead till now. The panel comprised the following people; DrAshfaq Ahmad Virk, Muhammad Usman Tariq, DrGhafoor Shah Qasim, Dr Ali Muhammad Khan and Mustansar Hussain Tarar. It was the perfect setting for the hall full of audience to take their aesthetics sense to a whole new level.

Then the microphone was given to the honorable speaker for the day and he started his succinct talk by sharing with us his prior connections with FC College and reading out a paragraph about the “Canal Side” institution from his latest novel. Next was the question and answer session. It was initiated by Dr Virk, Advisor BFN and Muhammad Usman Tariq, President BFN. The ripostes from Mr Tarar were equally witty and well timed. The pattern of the program was like a talk show. The audience also joined in question and answer round. The president of BFN society Muhammad Usman Tariq, moderated the question and answer session.

The audience asked really intriguing questions about the literature and life of Mustansar Hussain Tarar who replied every question in detail, mostly with the help of interesting anecdotes from his own life. Arguably the best of his one liners was, “I was not given a chance to look at my future wife (then fiancée) and thank God I was not.”


Moreover there were valuable insights for the attendees too. Like he said that people often accuse him of ‘adding’ a wee bit too much to the facts in his travelogues to which he replies that he is not a chronicler (Munshi) He feels it his job to fictionalize the details rather than just mentioning them in a benign way. He added that though his entry into the field of writing travelogues (and film acting) was accidental but he did not hold back in terming himself a possessor of that “impulse” required for becoming a creative writer. the reader-writer relationship was also the centre point of one of his answers where he highlighted that today’s reader has become so informed that the challenges for the writer have increased considerably too. He lambasted the popular notion of print media’s decay and decoded the myth of “Publisher- The Demon” by terming it as writer’s excuse for a failure. In a nutshell the event proved to be a huge success.