Art Junction to organize Haunted Throne Oct07


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Art Junction to organize Haunted Throne

Art Junction brings you “Haunted Throne – Costume Extravaganza” where looking weird, spooky, wild and creepy is not a problem. It’s time to haunt people or get haunted by them.
Haunted Throne will scare the soul out of you as we have lot of segments and entertainment plans for you plus the decor.

Creepy Walk Competition:
Our main segment is “Creepy Walk Competition” where we will have a ramp walk but not the simple one. Yes, it will be a creepy ramp walk where you don’t have to wear beautiful dresses or jewellery. You just need a scary & spooky costume and a creative make up to win our “Haunted Throne”

  1. The participants of this segment will have to register for ramp walk and only registered candidates will be allowed to showcase their costume getup on ramp.
  2. Only registered participants will be considered as a part of competition and able to win “Haunted Throne”
  3. Registered Participants have to attend session for 3 days before the events where they will be guided about the ramp walk, their costumes, and timings of entrance/exit.
  4. Registered Participants must showcase their costumes to the management a week prior to event.

Haunted Room:
Our creative team has designed a ”Haunted Maze Run” in Old Close Cafe. If you are not afraid of witches, dead bodies graves and zombies, we bet you are welcome but if you are afraid “DO NOT ENTER”
Those who are brave enough they will have to start their haunted journey from one door of Haunted room and exit from another.

Costume Competition:
It’s not all about Creepy Walk and Haunted Room. We also have special prizes for the audience with special costumes.
Note: Your entry pass will not be accepted without a costume or proper horror getup. Everybody have to follow the theme.

Scary Photo Booth:
Our Photography team has arranged a the scariest photo booth according the theme of our event. Our photographers will be there to snap your creepy looks.

Musical & Dance Performances:
Some surprise musical and dance performances will spice up the event.

Face Painting:
You take care of your costumes, we take care of your face. Yes our artists will be their to give your pretty face the ugliest look.

Food Stalls:
the facilities of food and beverages will be present on event with discount prizes .


Creepy Walk Competition – 
Single Person:
Two Persons:
Three or More Persons:

Haunted Room – Scary Maze Run
Maximum 3 students will be allowed at a time.

Costume Competition – No Registration
Audience – Entry Passes free

Registration Opens : 10 October 2016
Registration Closed: 20 October 2016
Passes Available: 21 October 2016 
Creepy Walk Sessions: 24 October to 26 October 2016

Qudsia Shahzad: 03143453517 – 03204040624
Ifra Fatima: 03211017820
Anoshka Shahbaz: 03241490020
For more details: