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Armacost Psychological Society visits Head Marala

What a blast we had on 9 November 2012, when the Armacost Psychological Society arranged a trip to Head Marala. 23 students and two instructors, Mr Ivan Suneel Samuel and Ms Anita Saleem, went on the trip.

The students departed from the university at 7 am on Friday. Going via GT road, the bus reached at the destination at 11 am. The tiredness from the traveling was forgotten as soon as everyone stepped out of the bus as the rest house where we stayed was like an island with water surrounding it.

After taking some rest, the students went on an adventurous walk around the water resource before heading to the shore of the Head Marala reservoir. All the students had an exciting time playing in the water, with some students trying to fish. The sunset at that place was a breathtaking scene, as with the coolness in the air, the warm setting sun kissed the earth goodbye so did the students also bade goodbye to the place and the trip ended. The students reached the university at around 10:30 pm.

It was a lifetime experience and something that all of us will cherish for the rest   of our lives.

By Marukh Nadeem