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APS presented a play on Drug Addiction and Awareness

Armacost Psychological Society presented a play on 21 August 2017 on Drug Addiction and to spread Awareness about it. The play was presented by the internship students of Psychology.

As the students portrayed the journey and struggles of addicts, they bought the script and characters to life with their brilliant skills. With the touch of our traditional culture, the play showcased the hardships of the families of addicts in our society. It showed two sides of the story: (1) Where the addicts were considered to be devils and highly mistreated because they were abusive and (2) Where their lack of control over their nerves and emotional being was brought into the spotlight which helped the audience understand addiction as a disease, an illness where the family fights against it collectively. This helped peopled understand that people with addictions should not be neglected but rather treated properly with care and encouragement.

Dr Nadeem Qureshi was the chief guest of the play. Chairperson of Psychology, Dr Ivan Suneel;  Lecturer Nazia Asif; Campus Counselor, Sarah Anthony  and Assistant Professor, Dr Elizabeth Maria Schwaiger  also joined in the audience.

As the actors owned the stage with their phenomenal acting skills, the audience thoroughly enjoyed and applauded for them. The entire play was mixture of sadness and humor but a very crucial concept was being conveyed.