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APS organizes book launch for ‘Words: Spoken & Unspoken Forces’

The Armacost Psychological Society organized a book launch for Anita Saleem’s book ‘Words: Spoken and Unspoken Forces’ on 13 May 2014. Dr. Yaqoob Khan Bangash moderated the event. He commended Ms Saleem’s efforts at such a young age and especially pointed out that even though the book was an academic book, it was very readable.

Dr Tariq Rahman (Dean, School of Education at BNU) stated that the book is most relevant in the Pakistani context since there is such a lot of negativity around us. He commended the author and pointed how difficult it is for a first time author get their book printed. He also remarked that FC College’s support to its faculty member must be appreciated. Mr Arif Nizami (editor, Pakistan Today)  commented on the media’s responsibility to use appropriate words while reporting events. Dr Imran Ijaz Haider (Head, Department of Psychiatry at Fatima Memorial Hospital) emphasized that to live positively, one must think positively since thoughts have an enormous influence on well being. He also shared some experiences from his clinical experience and wrapped up his talk by suggesting that we spend more quality time with our family. He said that it was important to list down priorities and allocate time for each. He also appreciated Ms. Saleem’s efforts and stated that Ms Saleem is an inspiration for the younger generation. Dr CJ Dubash ( Vice Rector Intermediate , FC College) reiterated that teachers must use words with caution since the words they use can affect student’s lives for good or for worse. He also shared how as he read the book, certain things in his life made him realize the importance of the ‘unspoken word’.


Ms Ravale Mohydin ( a counseling psychologist) spoke about the impact of positive statements, optimism and mindfulness on building personal relationships, parenting and teaching based on her experience.

At the end, the author, Ms Anita Saleem shared how her training and experience in clinical Psychology led her to write a book on the importance of using positive words. She also pointed out that thoughts (unspoken words) are as important as speech (spoken words) and must be used with caution as they have the potential to shape emotions, affect underlying physiology and eventually influence the behaviour of individuals. “It is therefore important that individuals use words wisely so as to uplift and encourage each other. This is the only way that we can progress as a nation.”