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APS organizes a lecture on Alzheimer’s: Symptoms, Treatment and Support

On Wednesday 28September 2016, the Armacost Psychological Society arranged a highly informative lecture based, awareness event on ‘Alzheimer’s: Symptoms, Treatment and Support’ which was conducted by Dr Yasmin Rashid, Patron, Alzheimer’s Pakistan and Dr Hussain Jafri, General Secretary, Alzheimer’s Pakistan. Keeping in view the Alzheimer’s awareness month and the increased prevalence of this disorder in the society, it was considered to be of utmost importance to shed light on the topic, in order to provide awareness and guidance to the audience, regarding the many challenges that their beloved ones face due to Alzheimer’s.

Dr Yasmin and Dr Hussain provided a comprehensive insight to the topic stating the facts and clearing up the widely held myths regarding it. The discussion was made entertaining by a role play which was organized by the society itself and was then followed by an active question and answers session in which the audience, consisting of both students and faculty members participated enthusiastically and discussed questions that they had regarding the topic, their general misconceptions and particularly how to cater to an Alzheimer’s patient. The talk was highly interactive, enlightening and much-required keeping in view the increased prevalence of Alzheimer’s in this part of the world.