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APS holds talk on Stereotypes and Biases

On 20 March 2014, the Armacost Psychological society arranged a lecture titled ‘Stereotypes and Biases: Living in a Context of Diversity and Differences’ by Dr Andrew Hamid who has been on the faculty of Columbia University (International Affairs and Social Welfare) from the last 2 decades and also serves as Senior Adviser to the WHO on the matters like drug prevention. The discussion focused on how stereotypes are formed, perpetuated, and utilized, and how they influence our interactions on a personal and professional level.

Dr Hamid engaged audience through different activities, and explained how we develop biases. He also shared some trends of stereotypes around the globe. Furthermore, he pointed out that stereotypes could be both positive and negative.


After Dr Hamid’s talk, some students from the Psychology department performed two skits titled ‘What’s up bro?’ and ‘Punjabi Ghar’. The shorts skits highlighted some of the stereotypes regarding skin colour, educational background, social background, college majors and gender that prevail in our society. After the skits, Dr Hamid opened the house for questions and the audience utilized this opportunity very effectively.