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APS holds talk on Psychology of Love

The Armacost Psychological Society arranged a talk on the Psychology of Love on Friday 13 February 2015. The guest speakers for the event were Director Center for Learning and Teaching at FCC Dr Rukhsana Zia, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at FCC Prof Amen Jaffer and PR Consultant at Latitude, Certified Yoga Instructor and Teacher at Art of Living Ms Zarmina Durrani.

The event started with highlighting how the phenomenon of love can be dated back to the earliest existence of mankind and has been present in all societies. The introduction was then followed by a video showcase that presented the opinions of students, faculty members, staff and workers at FCC on how they define love. The talk focused on the different perspectives of love, that is, love within intimate relationships and in the context of religion.

Prof Amen Jaffer shared his wisdom on the aspect of love that is experienced at the shrines, focusing on the aspect of spiritual love. Ms Zarmina Durrani made a wonderful contribution by focusing on intimate love, and how one can experience inner peace by learning to love oneself and another unconditionally. Dr Rukhsana Zia then spoke about love in general and her own experiences in life. She said loving another did not mean letting go of one’s own priorities, however, to love is to learn to value oneself and another equally.

The crowd was engrossed while listening to the pearls of wisdom that each speaker shared, and actively participated in asking questions and providing feedback to the discussions that were made. Relevant to each perspective of love that was presented by the speakers, a musical performance was made by Moosa Eleazer and Adam Qureshi. The décor for the event was organized by the society council members and active volunteers in such a way that it complimented the theme excellently. There was a huge turnout at the event which was wonderfully managed by the hall management team.