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APS holds a talk on Mental Health, Wellness and Resilience

Dr Patricia Omidian delivered a talk on Mental Health, Wellness and Resilience on 23 October 2017 at FCCU under the auspices of the Armacost Psychological Society.

She encouraged a discussion on the topic rather than delivering a lecture, to engage the audience. Dr Omidian asked the audience to look at certain situations from a different perspective to get a better understanding, especially in case of diseases and disorders. She said that she learned that 65% of the people in Quetta suffer from clinical depression. From the psychologists’ perspective, they require help. “But are they really sick?” she questioned. “What if they are being normal and there’s something wrong with the other 35%?” she remarked.

The discussion also highlighted how the standard clinical depression symptoms cannot be applied and generalized to each country. In Pakistan, for example, she said people will still go to work in such a condition because they are required to provide for their family and keep themselves away from financial instability as compared to some other countries where they can stay home. Dr Omidian used humor in the discussion to help the audience understand her better.