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APS discusses ‘From Intolerance to Acceptance: the Path Not Taken’

The Armacost Psychological Society arranged a discussion ‘From Intolerance to Acceptance – the Path not taken’ on 26 September 2013 with reference to the recent blasts that occurred in Peshawar. Mr Charles M Ramsey, Academic Director, Centre for Dialogue and Action at FCC and Saeeda Diep, Founder and chairperson Institute for Peace and Secular Studies (IPSS), shared their views on the topic through the talk. Dr Daniel J Christie, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University USA; Fulbright Specialist, Peace and Conflict Studies, shared his message through a video.

Mr Ramsey, in his talk emphasized that we should move from intolerance to acceptance and then to hospitality. He also said that because of these attacks, all Muslims are being stereotyped. He encouraged the students to think of practical steps and jot them down as ‘I will’ statements which would describe their plan of action to combat intolerance.

Ms Diep held that we should read the religious books in our own language so that we can understand and interpret it ourselves and so that we don’t have to rely on others to understand religion.

Dr Daniel J Christie said that the need of the hour was to educate people that we can be diverse and different in our religion but we should respect each other’s differences. He asked students to come out of their comfort zones and take an initiative to interact with those who are different than them. Being the pioneer of ‘Peace Psychology’, he also introduced students to this subject and pointed out its importance and relevance in Pakistan.

Anita Saleem, the adviser of APS concluded the event by stating the importance of such endeavors saying that such events educate the young minds; encourage them to think critically and to pose any questions that they may have. She stated that we are all human beings and we should first and foremost work on preserving humanity.