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APS conducts informative talk on advertising in Psychology

APS conducted an informative talk on Advertising in Psychology on 06 December 2017. Mirrat Gul, Vice President of the Pakistan’s Association of Cognitive Therapist, was invited as the speaker. She had an interactive session with the students where the logical thinking present behind the high and low budgeted advertisement was discussed. She presented the example of a tea product Tarang and food item, Nimko. She briefed the audience about the power and influence of advertisement in our lives. She emphasized on how at the end of the day you involuntarily buy the product. That is the power of media on our minds. Furthermore, she discussed the vital elements which make a good advertisement. The words and dialogues, the colors used for the visuals, the actors given the various roles, the music being played and all of the other factors contribute in making an advertisement which would hold the viewer’s attention.  Once you have the attention of the majority then your sale numbers would definitely increase. Then again there is a contradiction to that theory which the speaker further explained. That sometimes a product may have the best publicity and the sale number would increase but then the quality of that product decreases and thus so does the sales.