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APS conducts Child sexual abuse awareness campaign

APS conducted an awareness talk on child sexual abuse on 13th November. Renowned personalities such as advocate and child rights activist Ahmar Majeed, broadcast journalist Madiha Masood, clinical psychologist Maliha Asad and PUAN founder Mr Iftikhar spoke on the occasion.

The session was held in collaboration with PUAN, which is actively working on child abuse and domestic violence cases. The speakers shared with the audience their achievements in their respective fields and motivated the students to help out children who have had traumatic experiences. Iftikhar briefed the audience about PUAN, which has been working for the betterment of underprivileged children and fighting for the rights of those children who face domestic violence or sexual abuse. He discussed various laws and punishments that are in place to protect children.

Maliha talked about ways in which children who have had traumatic experiences should be treated. Her focus was on the emotional and mental well-being of children and how such experiences leave them scarred. She emphasized the importance of their emotional well-being. Madiha Masood spoke about various cases that have been reported recently in which children were the victims. The audience and panel also had an interactive discussion. The talk concluded on the note that everyone needs to do their bit to fight child abuse instead of relying solely on government intervention.