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APS arranges activities for Freshmen

On Thursday 06 September 2018, Armacost Psychological Society (APS) took Freshmen students on an exciting journey through the gates of “Psychville”. With “Eye Candy”, students got to know each other through a guessing game. Next, in the Marshmallow challenge, students had to not only build structures through spaghetti sticks and then balance a marshmallow on top, but it also helped them to build teamwork. Then with the Chain of Stories, each member of the group constructed stories sentence by sentence and then had to remember the entire story by heart, thus, providing them with listening skills. And, the Counseling role play activity allowed students to be exposed to mental disorders. Students were also given the opportunity to develop their empathy through Understanding Perspectives through Storytelling, where each group had to tell the story from the perspective of a single character from Cinderella. Psychville proved to be an exciting ride for Freshmen students.