3 Day Mock Session: Iranian Nuclear Program Aug20


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3 Day Mock Session: Iranian Nuclear Program

The FCC MUN society held a 3 day mock MUN session (Committee DISEC) from 18 to 20 August, on the topic “Iranian nuclear program”. The 3 day debate revolved around the nuclear program in question, as well as the legitimacy of the non proliferation treaty and the role of IAEA in supervising nuclear programs and uranium enrichment levels of such countries. Working papers were also made. A crisis was also introduced on the second day of the mock MUN which was successfully averted and a resolution made. Three blocs were initially formed which were then amalgamated to just two and on the final day such concessions and diplomacy was seen that only one draft resolution was introduced which was unanimously voted upon and thus concluded this MUN successfully. The institutions that took part in these sessions were; GCU, Salamat (girls) and PU. This was overall an excellent learning experience for new aspiring delegates and was good practice of debate for all. Amidst all the serious debate there were entertainment sessions as well, which left everyone with tears of laughter and in high spirits. These sessions were the highlight of the debate and everyone enjoyed it.

Towards the closure of the final session, the awards were announced which were as follows:

Best Delegate Award: Sultan Malik FCC

Outstanding Diplomacy Award: Mohiba Ahmed GCU










Honorary Mention: Wahaj Javed GCU

Honorary Mention: Bilal Naseem GCU



Special Mention: Ahmad Tahir FCC