The CSMUN’12 experience Dec11


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The CSMUN’12 experience

As enthralling as MUNning is, it becomes all the more stirring when you are doing it for the very first time and, honestly, are not very sure what you are up for. The FCC delegation had a similar experience at CSMUN ’12 and was able to bring back one award i.e. an Honorable Mention for S. M. Hussain Gardezi (Crisis Cell of Pakistan).

The delegation consisted of Iris Yousaf, S.M. Hussain Gardezi, Zainab Taqvi, Zahra Taqvi, Murtaza Ibn Yacoob, Ali Zaidi, Mohammad Waleed Bin Amer and Shehryar Nagra. These four days, from 8 to 11 November, were the ones that the delegation has cherished and are never to be forgotten. The waking up every morning with a cloud, of pressure and stress hovering over our heads, that would wither as we would go to our respective committees and get into the game, the revitalization of our spirits that would come with every evening’s social events and the restless, sleepless nights we would have preparing for the next day’s sessions, are the charms of MUNning that have enchanted us. It’s just amazing how each day in MUN there are so many emotions you encounter: the stress, the pressure, the nervousness and the anxiety of winning and at the same time the thrill, the excitement, the fun and the spirit of the game.

While dealing with this dose of a new experience, our delegation, representing Pakistan,did their very best to let their political and diplomatic side take control, whenever they spoke during the committee sessions and their fun-packed side burst out at the social events be it Fiesta de Couture, global village, RDB’s concert or the formal dinner.

However, none of it would have been possible without the support and the faith of FCC MUN society in this delegation. The entire delegation, thus, remains very grateful to the society and hopes to have more taste of the treats MUN has to offer.

By Iris Yousuf