SBS holds Vigil for Peace Mar05


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SBS holds Vigil for Peace


On 2 March 2015, the Senior Biology Society organized a vigil in collaboration with EMS. The Vigil for Peace was a heart-warming event where students and teachers gathered to reflect upon the recent events of terrorism and socio-political unrest in the country.

Team SBS had decorated a corner of S-Octa with thought-provoking posters in order to create an atmosphere where students could put their normal lives aside and devote some time to the community. The students and teachers came forward one by one and lit candles in memory of those we have lost. Attendees expressed their thoughts and feelings on peace by putting up their messages on the message board. At the end, a prayer was said for the country and its people, with a renewed zeal to march forward in spite of fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead.