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Omnilife FCCU:

Think back to a significant moment when technology made a positive impact on your life. How might VR and AR take that impact to the next level? Omnilife VR/AR society aims to create an interactive learning experience as well as promote VR/AR for all those interested in delving into the new tech of Virtual/Augmented reality. Our primary objective is to acquaint students with these cutting-edge technologies, providing exposure beyond the classroom. Through engaging activities, we aim to cultivate familiarity with VR/AR, empowering participants to explore new dimensions of knowledge and creativity. Furthermore, our agenda emphasizes the importance of teamwork and connection, as we offer opportunities for students to bond and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds. By promoting a shared passion for VR/AR, we aspire to create a community that not only enriches individual experiences but also advances the collective understanding of this transformative technological landscape.