MUN training camp concludes Dec04


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MUN training camp concludes

After 8 lengthy sessions of the MUN camp in November, the program came to an end in the first week of December. Last session comprised of the ‘Draft Resolution’ which was written down by a collective effort of the trainers Usama Nasim, Affaf Sheikh and other delegates. Under the presence of faculty advisor Sir Charles Ramsey, the passed resolution had  22 YES, 2 ABSTAINS, and 1 NO.

Sir Charles Ramsey and President of the society ‘Muhammad Omer Imran’ gave a motivating speech to the delegates and urged them to keep up the good work. They also praised Affaf  Sheikh and Usama  Nasim for stimulating the first ever MUN camp at Forman Christian College. Some of the office bearers of the council were also present at the closing ceremony.

The 5-day long MUN camp concluded with a debate on the ‘Syrian Civil War’. The participants were required to turn up with working papers. The topic was divided into 3 blocs; Pro western, Pro Syrian, and a neutral bloc.

Moreover 3 very comprehensive working papers were brought up on the floor with highlighted the creditable performance of the trainers Affaf Sheikh and Usama Nasim and other active members of the MUN society. Some debating sessions for the baccalaureate students also followed the day 5 sessions.

Participants were awarded with the certificates of participation. Delegates of Syria, Switzerland, Palestine and Iran won ‘Honorary mentions’. Organizers and mentors Usama Nasim and Affaf Sheikh were awarded with trophies for their commendable work of training new and upcoming members of the MUN society.