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Forman Urdu Society

Forman Urdu Society, once known as “Bazm-e-Fikr-o-Nazar,” stands as a prestigious cornerstone of FCCU. Dedicated to nurturing the beauty of Urdu language, poetry, and prose, our society is fervently committed to elevating the Urdu heritage among the youth. Embracing the wisdom of our past, we welcome fresh ideas while cherishing tradition. Guided by our rich history, Forman Urdu Society aspires to be a nurturing ground where the essence of Urdu thrives. Through engaging events, university-level activities, and vibrant social media, we’re on a mission to raise awareness about our national language. Join us in upholding the legacy of Urdu across its poetic, dramatic, and narrative dimensions. At FUS, every student’s creative abilities find a welcoming platform, true to our name and purpose.