FMS holds Open Mic Night Jan07


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FMS holds Open Mic Night

5 December 2013 witnessed another tremendous Open Mic Night. On the order of previous four such events it also gathered a huge crowd of almost 300 people. Everybody seemed as interested and excited as before, the exclusive thing which had been in this Open Mic for the very first time was the arrival of guests from outside.

President Shahrukh Khan Sherwani’s brother Farhan Khan Sherwani who himself is a professional photographer came. Besides that people from other institutions came and attended this night, this clearly shows that Open Mic is not only popular among the students of FCC but people are talking about it outside campus and it has been getting famous throughout the different institutions, their students and other people.

The house band came up with some great performances Like ‘Mayiri’ and ‘Buleya’ etc. Salman who is a student of NCA came specially and performed on this Open Mic. All along the performances audience was excited, applauding and having a good best. There were eight performances in all and people were not tired and demanded for more. The Open Mic ended the performance by Wanya and Hamza which made the crowd dance.