FJS invites Laal Band to FCCU Oct04


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FJS invites Laal Band to FCCU

Forman Journalism Society invites Laal Band to campus, which inspired the crowd with their concept behind the making of band. Dr Taimoor Rehman, the leader of the band is a professor at LUMS and a social activist as well. His philosophy revolves around reviving the poetry of contemporary poets and Sufi saints by using their poetry in form of songs to make people stand against the authoritative regime and religious extremism. Forman Journalism Society was again able to have a jam-packed event with the spectacular crowd truly enjoying every single song. The inspiring lyrics and amazing music made the crowd dance on their toes. The Hall was full of students elevated by the music performances of Laal Band. The Band also appreciated the amazing response of crowd. Forman Journalism Society feels pleased in inviting such a progressive band to Forman Christian College which not only provided entertainment to the crowd, but also gave them an insight to stand against extremism and misuse of power by using music as a tool. The event was supervised by the Society Advisor and Assistant Professor Professor of Mass Commuincation, Syed M Saqib and lead by President FJS, Mian Ahmed.