EES hosts Moin Khan Mar10


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EES hosts Moin Khan

On Monday 3 March 2014, the Ewing English Society hosted Moin Khan, the legend who traveled from San Francisco, USA to Lahore, Pakistan roughly 25,000 miles on his bike. He claims that his passion for two-wheelers and his unwavering patriotism were the fuel for his journey.

The main idea behind Khan’s trip was to dispel the negative image of Muslims, especially Pakistani Muslims around the globe and of course to see the world. Towards which he felt that he was extremely successful, for the people he came across were extremely kind, caring and generous, especially when he needed help.

His perspective has broadened along with his burning love for his country. Like every traveler who has ever paid attention, he was affirmed of humanity being the common religion understood and practiced everywhere. According to him, this has not only made him more tolerant and less prejudiced of people, but has also broadened his mental horizon in terms of interfaith harmony which is a much needed dialogue in each and every sect and vocation of life and also one of the major lessons of life to be learnt by many.

This journey taught him the true meaning of ‘acceptance’ of and ‘respect’ for humanity. The most inspiring instances were those where people from other religion extended love and help towards him irrespective of who he is and where he comes from- this has changed him for better as a human being. Compared to the experience itself, the fact that he covered some of his journey on a Vespa scooter, that he ate boiled rice with ketchup for a year and a half prior to the journey and even the two accidents that he had in Romania and Germany were the parts of his journey. He probably would have been better off without them, but he loves them nonetheless as they showed him the kinder side of humanity.

His story is awe-inspiring to say the least and the Ewing English Society is hopeful that he will let us tell his tale. As a Pakistani Muslim who has accomplished this near impossible feat, he has done his country proud. We offer him our most heartfelt congratulations.