Lucas Economics Society

Where can you meet students with academic interests similar to yours?
Where can you show off your talent for Economics?
Where can you share your academic problems?
Where can you find a place to belong at Forman Christian College?

Answer: The Lucas Economic Society!

The Lucas Economics Society, named after a former professor of Economics Dr Edmund Delong Lucas, is one of the most exciting societies at Forman Christian College. It was established in 2004 after the denationalization of FCC. Since then it has gained widespread popularity around the campus because of its healthy activities and its purpose of serving the students and living by its motto “Let Economists Serve the Community”.

The LES provides opportunities for students to gain confidence and develop leadership skills. Membership is open to all students and is announced at the beginning of each academic year. The office bearers of the LES organize seminars, social functions, lectures, and excursions for the members.

Advisor: Humna Ahsan
President:  Hassan Raza