Forman Dramatics Club

The FCC Dramatics Club is a place where dreams are nurtured to become realities … where fantasies are vivid and striking.

The Club

  • provides a platform for students to show off their acting skills
  • brings forth new talents in the fields of scriptwriting, stage management and other behind-the-scenes tasks
  • provides entertainment to the students
  • gives a message of peace and highlights other important social issues through its dramas
  • showcases traditions and culture by presenting old folk tales and legends
  • boosts the confidence of students by making tours outside college premises

The Dramatics Club produces at least two major productions each year. The plays are sometimes original plays written by members of the faculty or student body, though in most cases by major playwrights. The Dramatics Club produces plays in both English and Urdu.

Advisor: Ms Qurra-tul-Aen
President: Daniyal Saleem