Art Junction

The Art Junction society was started in 2008, and provides a platform to students both from FCC and other universities to express, explore, and polish their talent, creativity, and aesthetic sense. Art has a very vital and purposeful role. By using the platform provided by The Art Junction, students can bring about many changes, comment on any aspect of society, convey a specific emotion or mood, address personal values, or simply have fun.

The society arranges inter and intra university art competitions, screens movies, provides assistance in arrangements and decoration to other FCC societies on events such as the Graduation Party and FORMUN. It has also hosted many successful recreational events like Alter Egos, Heroes Vs Villains, Singathon, Triwizard Tournament, and Fashion Show Cultural Festival.

Students who are creative and who want to bring about a change, should join the society. For more information, check out our facebook page:

Advisor: Mr Amaar Husnain Khan
President: Subhan Naseem