DGS Hosts Geography Trivia Mar04


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DGS Hosts Geography Trivia

Dean’s Geographical Society hosted an interactive game show, Geography Trivia, on 28th February 2019. Geography Trivia was a very compelling event in which students from various departments participated enthusiastically to win the competition. The entire event consisted of three rounds among which the first two were based on online trivia quizzes while the last one required labelling different parts of Pakistan.

At the start of the event, the participants were requested to download ‘Kahoot!’ application which is a game-based learning platform. Its learning games, “Kahoot”, are multiple-choice quizzes that allow user generation. A special quiz was designed by the Geography department on this application for students to attempt. Hence, all the questions were Geography based relating to locations of the world’s most famous monuments or places and their flags. Students were given 20 seconds to answer each question. In the first round, the first 30 students were shortlisted according to the number of their correct answers. During the second round, in which the same online based quiz was taken, the first fifteen students were shortlisted.

In the last and final round, a map of Pakistan was distributed among the remaining 15 students. The students were then asked to point out and label down various locations on it. Among the list were the neighboring countries of Pakistan, provinces of Pakistan, provincial capitals, federal capital, Gilgit Baltistan & Azaad Jammu and Kashmir, River Indus point of entrance and where it leaves Pakistan’s territory, the student’s native area, and some other random cities.

By the end of the event the results were announced and the top ten were awarded with certificates. All in all, this event was very exciting for students as they fought to secure the winning positions. It gave way for formative assessment as a break from traditional classroom activities.