Red Crescent Youth Group

Motto: Serve humanity with impartiality

Mission Statement: RCYG is a society to serve for humanitarian causes. Our mission is to serve the less-fortunate and victims of disasters, disseminate awareness about health issues in the public, developing humanitarian values in the people particularly the young minds; and imparting organizational skills in the students to carry out the cause of humanity and health. We follow the principles of humanity, impartiality, independence and voluntary service.

Line of Action: 

  1. Organizing events regarding health and awareness on health issues
  2. Arrangement of tours to improve health-related awareness among students
  3. Organizing training sessions related to health and disaster management
  4. Awareness campaigns on health issues
  5. Organizing events for charity purposes

 Current Event Plans:

  1. Blood Donation Camp
  2. Lecture on Skin Problems
  3. A Camp on Bone Density
  4. Disaster Management Trainings
  5. First Aid Trainings
  6. Health Festival
  7. Lectures / Fair’s on Thalassemia

Adviser: Dr Saba Butt-
President: Wardah Saad